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Gargarro Green Thumbs Propagation Centre and Coffee Corner

A volunteer-run centre to grow our ambitious botanic gardens...

Built of repurposed shipping containers, Gargarro Green Thumbs will house our plant propagation centre and the town's only publically available coffee machine. Green Thumbs is currently run by community volunteers from a shed at the Girgarre Community Cottage. We have outgrown this space and would like to relocate to the future site of the Gargarro Botanic Gardens to advance its development, planting and maintenance. Seedlings and established plants will be grown at the Centre by volunteers and sold at the monthly farmers market. The Coffee Corner will also provide an important space for social connection over coffee.

The community has outgrown its current propagation centre and needs space to expand. Green Thumbs attracts over 40 volunteers weekly. The town has no cafe, coffee shop or hotel for regular social gatherings or casual drop ins. The Centre will become a much needed place for social connection and will assist in the sustainable long-term development of the ambitious Gargarro Botanic Gardens. Each will contribute to community pride, social adhesion and volunteer engagement. The achievement over time of the Gardens will further strengthen the bonds and confidence of the community, demonstrating overtime what can be achieved through collaborative effort.

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