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Gargarro Green Thumbs Nursery is Open!

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Volunteers have been overwhelmed with visitation and support since opening at the Gargarro Botanic Garden

The Latest update to Gargarro Green Thumbs is the installation of two shaded igloos. Our 'gnomes' have already started transporting plants inside! Thank you to the great band of volunteers who helped erect the igloos.

Over the summer, the Gargarro Green Thumbs Nursery invited all the volunteers who helped evolve this 'dream into reality' to a Thank You Dinner. It was held in one of the shade cloth igloos before the plants moved in. A night like no other, with many more lovely memories made.

We look forward to seeing locals and visitors enjoy all the Gargarro Green Thumbs Nursery has to offer...

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