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It’s All GO for the Gargarro Gardens Project!

Federal member for Nicholls, Mr Damian Drum, has provided another big win for the Gargarro gardens project, announcing a $300,000 grant...

Photo: from left: Marc Quarrell, Principal Quarrell Civil.H

Hon. Damian Drum MP, Doc McDonald, Chair, Gargarro Botanic Garden Inc. Jan Smith, Chair Girgarre Development Group.

A flying visit to Girgarre by the Federal member for Nicholls, Mr Damian Drum, has provided another big win for the Gargarro gardens project. Mr Drum announced a $300,000 grant from the Federal Building Better Regions fund, topping up the 1.48 million the project has on hand.

These supplementary funds will add the finishing touches to stage two of the project, Chair of the Gargarro Gardens Inc, Doc McDonald said at the launch. “A tender for stage two of the program has been accepted and contracts are currently being drawn up with Quarrell Civil Constructions of Bunbartha. This grant is ‘icing on the cake’,” Doc said. “It means we can install lighting, signage, an automated watering system and the viewing deck along with the new gateway, ephemeral stream and the ‘SEE’ garden. It is a big win, and a game changer for the project. I cannot say how much we appreciate this grant; it has smoothed the path forward.”

Mr Drum said the federal government was more than happy to support the Gargarro Gardens project. “This is the third time we’ve had the opportunity to contribute to this innovative project with it’s incredible energy and community engagement. It is truly a unique initiative from a really strong and visionary small community,” he said. “The grant will bring the comfort and security the gardens and its volunteers need to carry it well into the future. A garden as diverse and interesting as Gargarro will bring people to the region, creating interest and many opportunities for employment. There are other botanic gardens within this region, all within an easy drive of Girgarre and each with a different theme, making a Gardens Trail a possibility. It will put Girgarre on the map.”

Principal of Quarrell Civil, Mr Marc Quarrell, said he expected to ‘break dirt’ in early November. “We have the advantage of a green-fields site,” he said. “Work should proceed smoothly and relatively quickly. We are happy to section the works to give the volunteers and Friends of the Gardens access, allowing them to take advantage of the current growing season. The finished product is shaping up to be pretty wonderful,” he added. “It’s also company policy to source as many local materials and trades as possible which should aid our progress. Subject to the weather, we anticipate work will start on the ephemeral stream in good time. The stream component should be completed by Christmas.”

Doc went on to say three contenders have submitted quotes to build the Café Hub over on the Green Thumbs Nursery site. The deadline for submission has been extended to the 21 October and he expected to make an announcement soon after.

It‘s all GO …at Girgarre. Keep an eye out for action over on the Gargarro site as the works progress.

Article Courtesy of the Girgarre Gazette- October 2021. Author Credit: Irene Labbett

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