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Small Town. Big Spirit.

Gargarro Botanic Garden is located in the heart of the Campaspe region in the township of Girgarre, Victoria. Over 100 years, Girgarre has sustained itself owing to the strength of a cohesive community that has strived to keep their small town alive through creative initiatives. We invite you to visit our garden and discover our special part of the world...

Follow the Trail...

Gargarro Botanic Garden forms an integral connection between Bendigo & Shepparton as part of the Midland Botanic Garden Trail. The gardens also forms an important part of the extensive Campaspe History & Nature Trail...

Garden Trails Map V1.png

Gargarro Botanic Garden is located on the Corner of Curr Road and Winter Road in Girgarre Victoria. The township is located just over 30 mins from Echuca or Shepparton, approximately 1 hour from Bendigo and just over 2 hours from Melbourne.


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